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Virgin trip to Haw Par Villa~

Yeah, I’m a Singaporean but yesterday was my first time to Haw Par Villa. But I’m sure I’m not the only loser Singaporean who had never been there before, before this. Right? Surprisingly, it was quite an intriguing experience; not a wasted trip at least~

For those interested in Chinese mythologist and legends especially,  you might want to check out this place. Or those who just wanna look at awesome statues/giant dioramas, you can just drop by and be fascinated as well.

It’s conveniently located beside Haw Par Villa MRT Station (Circle line).

Some, I had to use the phone fish eye lens cause I couldn’t capture the whole thing (and yeah, I don’t have the phone wide-eye lens). Here are some pictures:

Haw Par Villa Statue

Haw Par Villa Statue

Haw Par Villa Statue

Haw Par Villa Giant Dioramas

Haw Par Villa Giant Dioramas

Haw Par Villa Giant Dioramas

Haw Par Villa Temple

Haw Par Villa Temple

Haw Par Villa Statues

 Haw Par Villa Statues


Haw Par Villa Tiger Statues

Adama with tiger statues at Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa

And weirdly enough…

Mini Statue of Liberty in Singapore

So yeah, that concludes my virgin trip to Haw Par Villa

Me and Adam at Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa 'Temple"




2pm concert in singapore


2PM IS FRIGGIN COMING TO SINGAPORE AGAIN, this time, FINALLY, it’s their full solo concert! *runs around the house*

Time to re-learn their fanchants, songs and some of their dance!

It’s to good to be true. Somebody, shoot me.

*Thanks Haziqah for the msg. If not, I’ll only know when I reach home, which is like 3 hours later.*

Erm, Happy Mothers Day?

...with my bro(k) and Mom =)

...with my bro(k) and Mom =)

Okay, finally booked out and finally got my pictures to blog. So, for now, let’s pretend today is 8th May 2011 ~


Happy Mothers Day!

Was recovering from fever and lucky was able to celebrate, together with Mama Nga and the most beautiful person on Earth, MY GRANDMA!



Celebrated pretty late, and needed to book in in a few hours time. Sucks, I know. Like I Said, N* is effed up. Big time. Well, again, at least got to celebrate, even if it’s for a while. Not much pictures cause I didn’t really take any. For the pictures used here, credits goes to Mama Nga! Thanks for the pictures!

Also, to Aunty Lynn, sorry couldn’t be there but HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY TO YOU TOO!

APART FROM THAT, back to today, I realised I’ve missed out on quite a number  of things, for the past two weeks especially, mainly due to *you know what*. Shit that thing, man.

1) Didn’t know Judas Music Video was out until today
2) Didn’t know Miss A already released a new song and the Music Video as well
3) … and some other stuff

ALSO, right after my 32KM Route March on 11 May, the first SMS I saw once I switched on my phone was from my friend, Kheela saying that 2PM’s coming to Singapore. Not for a concert, they won’t even be performing, but as a guest for Rain’s concert. *Thanks so much for SMSing me*

Yes, I know I’m suppose to be terribly excited and you’ll probably expect me to type this way: OMG, 2PM’S COMING SINGAPORE! LIKE, OMG!. Yes, I was momentarily excited but thing is, Rain’s concert’s on 22nd May and I’m flying off to Thailand on 21st May. See how effed up life is. *stabs self*

*Btw, watched Thor today  and it’s oh-so-awesome!*

Is it worth it?

10 groups. $318. 2 hours 30 minutes.  Around 15 minutes per group. Main group I wanna see: 2NE1. Korean Music Wave 2011.

Okay, so the list of groups coming for the Korean Music Wave 2011‘s out, together with the ticketing details.

Groups performing:

  1. Big Bang
  2. 2NE1
  3. FT Island
  4. Miss A
  5. Teen Top
  6. DNA
  7. U Kiss
  9. X-5
  10. TBC
Ticketing details:

Mosh Pit: $318
Cat 1 seated: $318
Cat 2 seated: $258
Cat 3 seated: $ 198
Cat 4 seated: $148
Cat 5 seated:  $118

Tickets will go on sale on 7th May, with the seating plan only will be released early next week.

Source: Korean Music Wave 2011 Facebook Page
2NE1 CLJust look at her. LOOK!  *Credit as linked, heh. *

Question now is, is it worth it… for me?

YES, if I’m going, it’ll mainly be for 2NE1. Not that I don’t like the other groups, just that 2NE1’s my fav among them, and Ive actually been waiting for them to come Singapore! Apart from that, I’ve at least seen Big Bang, Ft Island, Miss A and U Kiss and as for Teen Top, I only like 2 of their song. Not really a fan of them. Sooooooo, SHOULD I STILL GO?  

DANG. To go, or not? *pickes flower*

Next question, WHY THE HELL IS IT $318?  Last year’s only 258, sad. I thought without SM artists, it would be much cheaper, heh, silly me. Meanwhile,  Park Bom’s new song’s the BOM. heh.
Artist: Park Bom (2NE1)
Song: Don’t Cry


Was it just a dream?

Whatever that happened yesterday feels totaly like a dream ~~

Best concert/showcase I’ve attended in my life, apart from the Mnet Ultimate Live this Dec, hehe. Oh hell yeah, it’s going to be awesome-r, 2PM will be there!

I’ve uploaded some fancams, not all. It’s a bit scarry to upload SM artists (SHINee and SNSD) fancams, bacause the moment I’ve uplaoded them, this appeared:

Matched third party content. View Copyright Info.

Oh wells. And I still regretted taking fancams for Zea and DNA’s performance, no offence. Not that they’re not good, just that, I could have saved those batteries used for the ending of the concert instead.

But then, without my cameras, I actually managed to stare at them the whole time when I was close, heh. So, maybe it’s not that bad after all.

Infinite – She’s Back

SHINee – Hello

SNSD – Gee

Big Bang (GD focus)

I’m not sure if I’ll be uploading Zea and DNA’s. Maybe when I’m free later. Also, my FT Island fancams = fail. So, not sure if I’ll be uplaoding theirs as well, dang!

Gah~ the Kpop Night Concert is truly awesome. Really enjoyed it to the friggin max.

KPOP Night Concert – Beyond awesome


I’m still watermarking my fancams, not sure why it’s taking such a long time to export those watermarked videos so, I’m going to update this post with fancams, and pictures hopefully in a while.

Meanwhile, for now, I’m going to write a fan account, in a conversational way, of this Kpop Night Concert. It’s super long and draggy and totally non-editted, so read it only if you’re interested, heh.

Fan Account

As promised, the concert started at 8pm sharp, and the first group was FT Island. The reason they’re first’s most probably because of the instruments,a nd I thought they’re great in opening the concert.

Honggi, of course, has an amazing vocal. His energetic performances are definitely perfect to warm us up. He looks good as well, and honestly, I didn’t really see Jaejin. But oh wells, Honggi’s my favourite after all, and getting to see him is enough.

After FT Island, it was DNA’s performance, followed by ZEA. Sorry to all their fans but actually, those are the two groups that I wasn’t there for, and wasn’t really interested in, hence, I took the time they’re performing to cool down after Ft Island’s performance, and also to check on tweets. I did, however, took a fancam for each of these 2 groups. Although not interested, I still like one or two of ZEA’s song, and DNA actually sounded good.

After those 2, I realized the remaining 4 are groups that I’m really looking forward to as well, and as expected, they perfromed according to their popularity (to me) . First, it’s INFINITE! Their performance was really great! I super love it. To be honest, I prefer their performance to FT’s. Sorry. I really like them, and their songs. Awesome I tell you! I haven’t memorise their names tho’, and I don’t even know the names of my two bias, LOL. But I like them.

All these while, audience were sitting down, screaming from their seats, and relaxing-ly taking fancams. HOWEVER, HERE’S WHERE ALL THE CHAOS/AWESOMNESS begins, where the fanboy/fangirlism in each individual’s unleashed, heheh. IT WAS SHINEE’S TURN! THe moment their name was announced, EVERYONE IN MY BLOCK, I THINK EVERYONE IN FACT, STOOD UP! SHINee’s fandom is no joke I tell you. I FINALLY GET TO SEE THEM IN PERSON AND SING LIVE. Oh, it was too amazing, I can’t describe, hehe. Too bad Jonghyun wasn’t present. But seriously, the screams became louder, much louder as compared to the previous performers, and it’s obvious. They’re awesome!

Just when I thought SHINee’s fandom is no joke, wait till you see SNSD’s. WOOMYGOSH! ONE OF THE GROUP I’M HERE FOR! From standing up, the moment SNSD’s name’s mentioned, MOST OF US STOOD ON OUR CHAIRS! When SHINee came, I did shouted *heheh*, but moderately, cause I scared people might look at me. But for SNSD, I super don’t care I tell. SNSD! SOOYOUNG! Hahahah! The screams are super louder than SHINee, pls. THeir fanchant was SUPER AWESOME. The awesomest for the night, hands down. EVERYONE WAS SINGING ALONG at some parts. Gah, super awesome. Was trying to take Sooyoung focus fancam when they’re coming nearer, BUT SOOYOUNG WENT TO THE OTHER SIDE! At least Fany and Taeyeon came to our side! I LIKE! ~Ahhhh, dies~ They are super gorgeous I tell you. And really, their popularity is no joke.

Again when you thought it couldn’t get better, next is BIG BANG! I’m not a big fan of BB, and to be honest, I was more excited seeing Infinite than BB. However, I really do like GD! And oh, from standing, to standing on chair… for BB, MOST OF US TOTALLY ABANDONED OUR SEATS! hahaha, i totally went to the front, standing on my own foldable chair that I brought, and guess what, GD CAME TO MY SIDE! SO I GOT A SUPER CLOSE UP FANCAM OF HIM! I SUPER LIKE! HOWEVER, after one song, MY CAMCORDER BATT DIED! WOOOMYGOSH! SUPER ANNOYING! BUt lucky I’ve got all already. But for BB, for a non big fan like me, their stage presence is no doubt, the best of the night. I got goosebumps for thier performance. And GD is awesome.

After the end of the performances, to close the concert, all the performers came on stage and YOU KNOW WHAT! I MANAGE TO GET RIGHT INFRONT OF THE STAGE! SERIOUSLY RIGHT IN FRONT! Howevevr, SNSD went to the other side BUT, INFINITE AND SHIINEE (and zea) WAS TOTALLY AROUND 3-8 METRES AWAY FROM ME! MY BIAS IN INFINITE WAS CLOSEST TO ME! BOTH MY INFINITE BIAS LOOKED AT ME! ALL OF SHINEE MEMBERS SMILED AT ME (except for Key, who didn’t even looked at me). It’s super obvious that that they looked at you when you’re super near them, i think. And you know what! Taemin actually looked at me, paused and smiled! Yes, I WAS TRULY HAPPY EVEN THO ITS A GUY. DON’T GO, EWW GAY ON ME. AN IDOL JUST SMILED AT ME, OF COURSE IM SUPER HAPPY! ~~AAAAHHHHHHHH~~~~ AND HE DID THAT MORE THAN ONCE. ONEW LOOKED AT ME MORE THAN ONCE! MINHO LOOKED AT ME MORE THAN ONCE! MY INFINITE BIAS LOOKED AT ME! BUT MY CAMCODER BATT FLAT! HOW ANNOYING! SOMEMORE, THEY POSED FOR CAMERAS TOWARDS MY DIRECTION BUT I GT NO CAMERA TO TAKE! WHAT THE HECK~ But getting to see them super close is like… ~~WWWWOOOOOWWW~ They’re really like idols. SNSD was at the other side, thats the only donwside, and I cant move to the other side. Oh, did I mentioned I was just onfront of the stage?

The night is too awesome.

It’s totally unedited, so, sorry for all the mistakes in those sentences. Will uplaod fancams soon~


.. and so, here’s another excitement:

Just came back from JYJ’s showcase in Singapore (expo), and all thanks to my cousin PUTRI WAN FATIN, FOR THE TICKET! Awesome people nowadays, hehe. Haiz, so happy. *smile*


Apart from that, 2PM’s comeback performance on Music Core was awesome, really. Also, when I was out, I think the kids didn’t behave well. Wooyoung, last warning. Chansung, you too. Lols

Last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AUNTY LYNN!