| Copanhagen . Denmark |

Copenhagen Nyhavn

Beautiful place isn’t it?
Copanhagen Nyhavn.
Such a breathtaking view that I went there twice.

So, I was at Copanhagen, Denmark, for 2 days.
It was such an amazing experience; from the weather to the buildings, people, train rides… almost everything there. Or maybe because all those seems new to me at the moment, hence the excitement.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the stay thoroughly, especially with the nice company and awesome navigators. The price of everything there is expensive though but NOT COMPLAINING. Love the place still.

To be honest, I can’t really remember the names of all those places I visited but here are some photos.

copenhagen nyhavncopenhagen nyhavn IMG_20150703_225257 IMG_20150703_002414 IMG_20150702_235330 IMG_20150702_225034 IMG_20150702_223407 IMG_20150703_222228 IMG_20150703_220910

And that’s all for now.

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