Thanks for the rejection.

Things really do happen for a reason. Not getting what you really wanted for years can turn out to be the best thing that could have ever happened to you.

So I’ve been working for almost 3 years somewhere and sadly, it wasn’t considered a full time. My contract had to be renewed every year. Working hours was as long as full timers but the only exception – I don’t get to enjoy much of the benefits. Full time was something I, and some others, wanted. Desperately.  All fun and game isn’t fun anymore when your future comes into the picture. Alas, I didn’t get it still, despite being promised a spot.

Angry. Sad. But mostly, dissapointed. Have I not done enough? Why promise then?

Just to sidetrack a bit…

I believe everybody has more than one dream… or at least that one job that they always thought of doing, but never thought they’ll ever achieve it. Well, I’m part of that ‘everybody’.

As much as I wanted to be where I was intially, I have this other dream which, until recently, I thought would only remain as a dream. (Cliche, whatever)

My point here is, as sad and disappointed as I was after not being offered what I wanted, it actually made my heart see clearly… it opened up my heart to see that other door of opportunity, waiting for me to open. The rejection ignited this hidden desire in me, and it burnt more than ever. That very rejection propelled me forward as I reached my hand out to open that door. And that rejection… is probably one of the best thing that had ever happened to me.

Thanks again for rejecting me.
And thanks for bringing these people into my live. We’re almost there guys~

IMG-20150417-WA042 IMG-20150418-WA017 IMG-20150429-WA049 IMG-20150402-WA016


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