My Childhood, 1990s~

Just some of my favourite childhood shows…

1) Archie’s Weird Mysteries
Archie's Wierd Mystry

2) CatDog
Cat Dog

3) Cow and Chicken
Cow and Chicken

4) Dexter’s Laboratory
Dexter's Laboratory

5) Hey Arnold!
Hey Arnold!

6) Looney Tunes
Looney Tunes

7) Monster Rancher
Monster Rancher

8) Power Puff Girls
Power Puff Girls

9) Power Stone
Power Stone

10) Rugrats

11) Sabrina, The Animated Series
Sabrina The Animated Series

12) Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog
Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog

13) Tom and Jerry
Tom and Jerry

AND MY TOP 5 FAVOURITE (in no particular order):

14) Power Ranger
Power Ranger

15) Pokemon

16) Captain Planet
Captain Planet

17) Akazuki ChaCha
Akazuki ChaCha


Those pictures… oh, it just bring back lots of memories. My childhood… 1990s ~

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