Ah Boys to Men 2~


..and so, watched Ah Boys To Men 2 with my fellow Falcon brothers.

“From strangers to friends, to brothers from buddies”

As much as I enjoyed it, the ending do disappoint me a bit. Although good, expected better. But love it nonetheless.

Is part 2 much better then part 1 though? Honestly, I’m not sure. I find that both have a different focus, and hence, it’s a bit hard to judge. For part 1, it’s more like an introduction to NS (army) life. I guess that’s the selling point, as those who haven’t serve NS, or would never serve would be interested to know. Even for those who had served in the past would be interested to see the change. Part 2 however, with all the basic Army stuff had already been introduced, the focus in more in the story line. That’s just me.

In terms of humour, I must say part 2 is much more hilarious. Having said that, I still can’t decide which is my favourite. Of course, many would notice a lot of mistakes in the movie, such as:

  1. Everybody knows we don’t really do that for Sittest
  2. Everybody knows we don’t do Sittest with our section mates
  3. Everybody knows Urban Ops and Field Camp dates for Enhanced batch is near, so if Rec Ken was hospitalised after urban ops, he wouldn’t possibly be doing Field Camp.
  4. A lot more…

… but then again, nobody really cares. Well, I don’t.

Definitely one of my favourite movie.

Movies nowadays, pfft


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