Skyp-y Buddy.

My buddy with his gay calender.

My second time ever skyp-ing. Pathetic, whatever.

My virgin skyp-ing experience was with my buddy as well in December 2012, when he was away in Exeter for 3 months before coming back to Singapore. Now he’s already away for… wait, it’s only been less than a month, OMFG,… but at least managed to skype.

Altho’ not long, only around 52 minutes, I appreciate it nonetheless. And it was almost 4am in Singapore, damn it! I don’t think he’ll EVER skype me at that time. NEVER.

I wonder how people survive without Skype or any video calls last time.

Aww, finally confessing his love.

Aww, finally confessing his love. Haha.

I think I’m good at making people look gay, haha.

5 more months, omg. How to survive?
Buddies nowadays, pfft


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