I believe I can fly~~~

Well, before parts of the memory got lost along the way, thought I should just put all that happened today here now since it’s still fresh… just so i can learn from it and do better next time…


So, not all of my friends knew about it but I actually went for the SIA recruitment exercise today. Wanted to try out in July but somehow things didn’t work out… up till last 2 weeks when I decided I should really go for it. And I did.

Anyway, even in the morning, i was still contemplating if I should go. I mean, what if I fail just with my looks? What if everyone there looks god damnly good and I’ll just end up embarrassing myself just for appearing? The ugly duckling among the swans. Well, alot of ‘what ifs’. I guess that shows how much confidence I have in my looks. But, thanks to my awesome friends who had been encouraging me to just go for it. I mean, if I don’t go, I’ll never know, right?




So, it was D-DAY: 11th October 2014. 

Took train down to Novena and reached around 11.30am. The moment the train door opened, there’s a number of formal looking guys who’re far much more better looking than me and awesomely built that’s obviously gym-seasoned.  Was confident, most probably the only thing I was confident about on that day, that they’re there for the same reason as me. Why? Because they still have a number stickered on their shirt… and blazers. Yes, a number of them in blazers. I could almost feel my heart skipped a bit and was tempted to just miss the stop and alight at orchard instead. But yeah, fortunately I  ‘got balls’, so I alighted.  As i walked nearer to location, I have to admit, my confidence level dropped with each step I took, as good looking dudes in formal wear with nice built and hairdo walked pass me. But my friends always told me every time I had second thought, “Hey, it’s really not all about the looks. They might still lack something that YOU might have’,  so i walked confidently to the location. At least i thought that was confidence.

At this point, I really have no expectation and was really there for the experience.

Once reached, met up with my parents who’re waiting for me at the lobby to pass me my birth cert. Waited for a while to calm down my nerves before going up for the registration. It’s like a walk of shame for me, with all the judging eyes looking. CONFIDENCE, THAT’S WHAT YOU NEED NOW. 

Followed the sign to the registration booth, or so that’s what I thought it was..

Me: Hi, do I register here?
Lady: Oh, sorry registration close. 1245pm
Me: *I think my heart almost stopped* Oh? I thought it’s till 2pm
Lady: Oh, I meant they went for lunch and will be coming back around 1245pm – 1pm

I think the scare was much worst than the haunted houses I went the previous night in Sentosa for the Halloween event.

So waited and yadah yadah yadah *fast forward*


My number: 102
10 of us with the same number; same team. Was ushered to the ballroom/waiting room where they played their corporate/recruitment video. It was still at number 86 so the wait was quite some time. THE ANTICIPATION WAS MURDEROUS, I SWEAR. It’s scarier than the actual interview itself but what’s new, right? Anyway, I was in a same team as my secondary school friend whom i haven’t met for 6 years, and also made friends with some others. Great people, helped to calm down my nerves. Finally, it’s D-TIME



Stage1: Intrduction + 1 question

10 of us were ushered to another smaller room where we’re seated in a straight line, facing 2 interviewers.  We’re told to introduced ourselves one by one, what we’re doing currently and answer the following : If you’re thrown into a deserted island, and you can only bring one thing, what would it be and why?

Not sure if it’s a good thing but I was last, Imagine if you’ve already thought of an answer and someone used it before you, that would be annoying. So I would suggest you think of an alternative answer. First lady answered ‘water’ and somewhere along the line of needing the water to survive. It’s a pity cause I think some mixed up with desert… until the interviewer repeated “deserted Island, not desert”. So, LISTEN TO THE QUESTION CAREFULLY. A few answered with ‘handphone’. One guy answered with satellite handphone. One said “Scissors”, which I thought was unexpected (she got through this round btw) and mine was… luckliy none of the above. I shall leave my answer out, hehe. Anyway, once done, we’re told to wait outside for the result. It took quite some time though, another murderous anticipation. It’s really like some talent show. So they called out names and we need to step out. My name was called last and I was like, dang, most of the good looking ones were not called, and was prepared to go home… UNTIL the lady who called out our name said we got through and to follow her to the next room. HAHA, IT’S REALLY NOT ALL ABOUT THE LOOKS AFTER ALL. Not 100% at least. Only 5 out of 10 made it here, 4 guys, 1 lady. Moving on…

Stage 2: Checking of height and documents

Height check, after which you need to touch this green tape pasted on the wall at a certain height. Both no problem but while waiting, saw few ladies didn’t get through cause either their height didn’t meet the requirement or couldn’t touch the green tape (you’re allowed to tip-toe).  It’s sad to be able to go through the first round, only to be out because of height. Maybe they shouldn’t lie about it in the first place.

Next is the checking of documents. And not to scare you, one lady was sent back cause she forgot to bring a document. She tried to reason out but… oh wells. SO REMEMBER TO BRING THE NECESSARY DOCUMENTS! All 5 from my previous team made it. Once pass…

Stage 3: Skin Check and walk.

Ushered to wait outside a room before going in after 1000 years. the guys and ladies were separated, however both happened in the same room. For guys, they’ll check our skin. We’re told to roll up our sleeve as well for the person to check. Was told to look left, right, as they checked the skin on our face. The person before me had like a small hole/scar on his face due to acne breakout last time. Sadly, the person said no and he was rejected straight. After which, we were told to walk from point A to point B, and back to point A… and we’re done. Of course here and there the person will comment and ask about your skin, and even your built. I’m the only one who’s asked of my weight. Once done, we’re told to wait outside. And… I PASS! Sadly, from my previous team, out of the 5, only 4 made it, the lady didn’t.

Anyway, just thought I should mention this but the check for ladies are more thorough. Lights were shine on their skin and all, and they’re asked questions. Obvious lighting difference; the guys section was evidently dimmer. Moving on…


Round 2

For this round we’re ushered in (and yes, after much waiting) to another room in group of 6. We were re-arranged once we’re in. The next 3 stages inside happened consecutively:

Stage 1: Introduction

We’re told to introduce ourselves and tell them our favourite color. I mean, they said, ‘Introduce yourselves and tell us your favourite color’. They didn’t really told us to explain though, not sure if they’re particular about this but ALL of us explained why anyway. Once done…

Stage 2: Mini Debate

Yup, it’s like a mini debate. We’re divided into 2 groups, 3 in each.  Given 2 minutes to discuss… can’t really remember the exact topic but it’s something like “Matchmaking is no longer fashionable and choosing partner out of freewill last longer”… some where along that line. My group was supposed to agree, although I disagree. Discussion went well, we had our points and discussed the distribution of points. BUT BUT, I BLANKED OUT once it’s my turn. Haha, pathetic. So yeah, I didn’t even understand myself to be honest. But damage’s done.

Stage 3: Oral

Yeap, like an oral exam.. Each were given 2 paragraph each, but the thing is, you can only see them once it’s your turn. And they’ll choose which paragraph you need to read straight away. Yup, only 1 short paragraph. I thought I did okay. If there’s anything I’m confident of, ONLY this stage I thought I did well.


Once done, again, we’re told to wait outside. Finally when the lady came to read out the result, she said, “only 2 of you made it’, and sadly, i didn’t. Not sure if I was disappointed considering i came without much expectation. Maybe a bit disappointed with the fact that, well, I made it till then, which was unexpected for me, why not all the way? But, oh wells. Better luck next time. Still damn happy I made it to till that round still.

At least made few friends, exchanged  numbers and all.
Longest post but yeah, GOOD LUCK to all those trying next time.

Oh,  I wish I can take off soon and flllyyyyyyy~~~

Land of syrup with milk ~

Flight to Bandung

Flight to Bandung

Short getaway to Bandung over the weekend with family. Short, but awesome nonetheless. Kinda forgot the name of places we actually got to visit within that short period of time, oops. But…

Megat Shah Rezza - Bandung

Megat Shah Rezza - Bandung

Megat Shah Rezza - Bandung

Megat Shah Rezza - Bandung Megat Shah Rezza - Bandung Megat Shah Rezza - Bandung Megat Shah Rezza - Bandung Megat Shah Rezza - Bandung Megat Shah Rezza - Bandung

Megat Shah Rezza - Bandung

#FailModel #StepLostTraveler

Glad to be able to enjoy some awesome view, with awesome company.


#Throwback . #MataMata2sg .

Megat shah Rezza _ Penang Sunset

Taken in Penang.

Was watching Mata Mata Sr2 Ep 3 earlier where all the new characters are finally out, and got reminded of the filming days~

Megat Shah Rezza _ Mata Mata 2 BTSMegat Shah Rezza _ Mata Mata 2 BTS

Megat Shah Rezza _ Mata Mata 2 bts Megat Shah Rezza _ Mata Mata 2 BTS

 … and the days when the production team was in Penang~

 Megat Shah Rezza _ In Georgetown Megat Shah Rezza _ In Georgetown Megat Shah Rezza _ Georgetown, Penang Megat Shah Rezza _ Georgetown, Penang Megat Shah Rezza _ Georgetown, Penang Megat Shah Rezza _ Georgetown, Penang Megat Shah Rezza _ Georgetown, Penang

Can’t believe all the hardwork is finally going to be broadcast to the nation. If you can, do watch Mata Mata #MataMata2SG , every Monday, 8pm, on channel 5. Especially episode 6, 7, 10, 11 and 12, the episodes where I’m involved in. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be awesome. To me at least.

And of course, the thing I miss the most:

Megat Shah Rezza _ Mata Mata 2 BTS

Taken on our last filming day


And now, you shall set~

Megat Shah Rezza _ MediaCorp Sunset

Nice sunset view from inside MediaCorp.

At least I get to enjoy this awesome view almost everyday. Blessed.

…of temples, temples and yeah, temples

Megat Shah Rezza _ Plane view

Once in a while, it’s nice to have a break from the mundane daily routine and do something different. Or simply be out of the country for a while for a new experience. Doesn’t matter where, just out. Away from home.

I’ve decided that it’s time for me to travel more, perhaps at least twice a year. And the first country is… CAMBODIA

Well, even though I’m 24, this is actually my first time on a plane, out of Singapore, for a holiday. And it being my first trip, of course the excitement is beyond words. Not sure if I’m exaggerating but Cambodia is a freaking awesome place.

From the sunrise…

Megat Shah Rezza _ Angkor Wat Sunrise Megat Shah Rezza _ Phnom Penh Sunrise Megat Shah Rezza _ Cambodia Sunrise

to the Tuk-Tuk rides…

Megat Shah Rezza _ Tuk Tuk rides

to flying from trees to trees (Flight of the Gibbon) and enjoying awesome views (more information about FOTG)…

Megat Shah Rezza _ Tree Top view

Megat Shah Rezza _ Flight of the Gibbon

Megat Shah Rezza _ View

to the waterfall…

Megat Shah Rezza _ Waterfall in Cambodia Megat Shah Rezza _ Waterfall in Cambodia

to the temples…

Megat Shah Rezza _ Pink Temple in Cambodia Megat Shah Rezza _ Cambodia Temples Megat Shah Rezza _ Cambodia Temples

and temples…

Megat Shah Rezza _ Cambodia Temples Megat Shah Rezza _ Cambodia Temples Megat Shah Rezza _ Cambodia Temples Megat Shah Rezza _ Cambodia Temples

and more temples…

Megat Shah Rezza _ Cambodia Temples Megat Shah Rezza _ Cambodia Temples Megat Shah Rezza _ Cambodia Temples

Megat Shah Rezza _ Cambodia Temples

Lost count of how many times we’ve licked those oh-so-soft and cold white balls. Heaven, I swear.

Megat Shah Rezza _ Coconut ice-cream

To sum up, it’s an awesome trip.

Appreciate the right person~

No matter how tired, you did it – you managed to muster all your strength.
No matter how busy, you made time – you made effort to work out your schedule.
No matter how sleepy, you forced yourself up - the price you pay trying to make time.
No matter what it takes, you tried. You really tried.

That’s what friends are for.

But isn’t it saddening to know when it’s time for the other party to prove oneself, that person failed.

Would it be normal to question the friendship…question the closeness of the relationship?
Would it be normal to have that unsettling tinge of regret over your sincerity?
Would it be normal to be frustrated over your gullibilty?
Would it be normal to just give up and move on?

Does it make you a bad friend then?
Or does the friendship even exist for you to call yourself a friend?



Old School~

Been busy with shoot.

Anyway, it’s been awhile since I used photoshop, had trouble editting below for the shoot, as props. Not perfect, but at least it’s use-able.Image




Time to work on my photoshop-ing skill! Well, apparently it was the trend in the past, so had to edit as such.

Talking about the past, helped Danial to become extra for Mata Mata (Upcoming drama on channel 5) as one of the policeman. The show is set on 1950s, premiering on channel 5 on 9th August 2013. It’s going to be awesome.


Anyway, just realised that all the 4 that I last minute extra-ed in were all as policeman. It’s a sign.