Appreciate the right person~

No matter how tired, you did it – you managed to muster all your strength.
No matter how busy, you made time – you made effort to work out your schedule.
No matter how sleepy, you forced yourself up - the price you pay trying to make time.
No matter what it takes, you tried. You really tried.

That’s what friends are for.

But isn’t it saddening to know when it’s time for the other party to prove oneself, that person failed.

Would it be normal to question the friendship…question the closeness of the relationship?
Would it be normal to have that unsettling tinge of regret over your sincerity?
Would it be normal to be frustrated over your gullibilty?
Would it be normal to just give up and move on?

Does it make you a bad friend then?
Or does the friendship even exist for you to call yourself a friend?



Old School~

Been busy with shoot.

Anyway, it’s been awhile since I used photoshop, had trouble editting below for the shoot, as props. Not perfect, but at least it’s use-able.Image




Time to work on my photoshop-ing skill! Well, apparently it was the trend in the past, so had to edit as such.

Talking about the past, helped Danial to become extra for Mata Mata (Upcoming drama on channel 5) as one of the policeman. The show is set on 1950s, premiering on channel 5 on 9th August 2013. It’s going to be awesome.


Anyway, just realised that all the 4 that I last minute extra-ed in were all as policeman. It’s a sign.

23, Oh god.

23 soon, oh god.

I heard about how some people actually deactivate or hide their birth date on Facebook, hoping that their true friends will actually remember; and going “forever alone’ when not many wishes came.

Well, I hide my birth date on Facebook as well, but unlike those people, that wasn’t my intention. 23 years old, I’m not sure if there’s anything to be proud of. Old, omg. I’m still thankful to god that I live to see another day/year though.

I don’t remember ALL my friends birthday too and some are getting way to dependant on Facebook to remember people’s birthday. Also, some of my close friends now, we don’t really go around telling each other our birthday… ok, maybe some did but I don’t, hence, I don’t expect people to remember mine. Ok, maybe once in a while I’m more happy with the fact that my birthday is the same as my favourite artist of ALL TIME and I keep telling everyone that AFTER my birthday is over, usually.

Oh wells, my point is,  “Happy Birthday, Megat”  only means that I’m a year older. – I’m old. Oh dear.

BUT THANKS FOR THE EARLY PRESENTS NONETHELESS. Please don’t waste your money on me next time. For now, just 1 picture:

Birthday Card


Just in case people think otherwise.


I Miss You.



Three words that can be so complicated at times.

How can a person miss a friend so damn badly?

My Childhood, 1990s~

Just some of my favourite childhood shows…

1) Archie’s Weird Mysteries
Archie's Wierd Mystry

2) CatDog
Cat Dog

3) Cow and Chicken
Cow and Chicken

4) Dexter’s Laboratory
Dexter's Laboratory

5) Hey Arnold!
Hey Arnold!

6) Looney Tunes
Looney Tunes

7) Monster Rancher
Monster Rancher

8) Power Puff Girls
Power Puff Girls

9) Power Stone
Power Stone

10) Rugrats

11) Sabrina, The Animated Series
Sabrina The Animated Series

12) Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog
Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog

13) Tom and Jerry
Tom and Jerry

AND MY TOP 5 FAVOURITE (in no particular order):

14) Power Ranger
Power Ranger

15) Pokemon

16) Captain Planet
Captain Planet

17) Akazuki ChaCha
Akazuki ChaCha


Those pictures… oh, it just bring back lots of memories. My childhood… 1990s ~

Stop Candy Crush, Get a Life.

I thought this is funny:

ImageWell, I’m sure everyone knows Candy Crush.

I’d spent hours on it, causing me to have 2 hours of sleep at times. Okay, maybe only once, but still… I need a life. So don’t blame me for clicking that.

And you know something isn’t right when you start googling for Candy Crush tips. Having said that, here’s one:


Facebook games nowadays, pfft.

Are you caring for the right person?

Have you ever felt that you’re not being appreciated by the person you care? You felt that you’ve done a lot just to try to make the person happy, but at the end of the day, you felt as if the person never really noticed your effort and worst, the person didn’t even make any effort to maintain any contact with you when you’re not together, and you’re always the one to text the person first?

Yes, people are willing to sacrifice for the person they care…. but for how long?

Well it doesn’t have to be a person of the opposite sex, I’m sure you have done such for a close friend. And somehow, it makes you think whether the friendship is even important to the person as it is to you.

As you complain, take a moment to think. Think of the people around you. Has there ever been anyone, a friend, who’s actually always been there for you, who actually asks you how you’re doing once in a while, who asks for a meet up with you even for a short dinner once in a while, who at times text you even for a random stuff?

Well, in your attempt to make the person you care about happy, even though you rarely feel appreciated, you may fail to realise that you actually have other friends, those who actually care. Just as how you felt that you’re not being appreciated by someone, there might be someone who feels the same way towards you… so why protect a one sided friendship, and let these people go? THESE are the people you need to treasure. Appreciate them before they too, will go.

I’ve seen of such person. It’s saddening.

Apart from that, my buddy just created a twitter account:


Best profile pic of his I’ve seen so far. 4 more months before he’s back.

People nowadays, pfft.